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BAC son valley in Vietnam

BAC son valley in Vietnam

BAC Son Valley is a picturesque valley with a view of nature that. Outside the box with a green plant The valley is located in the heart of the district of BAC about 250 miles south of Hanoi, Viet Nam or mother away. The villagers depend on agriculture here. BAC Son Valley is on the tour by the very high and very remarkable and lakes. Here is exploring the very love Valley, because of the nature of the green and special. In 2013, the BAC Son valley is very popular when tourists from different countries to see the natural beauty of a very pure. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the valley is very beautiful and very impressive natural scenery. Hotels here are full of travelers because of the hotels here in complete with facilities for your vacation. If you want to eat here, there is also a very good restaurant with kitchen. Do not hesitate, come back. Because in the winter and the heat is very well suited to this place. Good luck to come here. And this place is ideal for family holidays. 

How to clean your oven without special cleaner?

The oven to clean thoroughly once properly, is a nightmare. Burnt food remains, which have adhered to it neatly on the furnace, are difficult to remove.

Many bring in their desperation some chemicals out, but there is another way. Some budget clean the oven without much effort and without chemicals.

Baking soda is not just for the cake

Baking soda is generally considered true secret weapon when it comes to the removal of stubborn dirt or even smell. Calcium deposits, encrustations and malodorous thus disappear, never to return.

In order to achieve the same success in the oven, it should be 3 to 4 bags of white powder with water mix, so there is a good spreadable paste. When mixing ratio you have to play around a little eni. Therefore, you first make a few tests, each with a pack of baking soda.
Then remove the resulting paste on the dirt off and leave on overnight if possible.
The next day, remove with a cloth and water. The oven will shine like new.

Let's work to the oven for

Give water to a baking sheet and add a little detergent. The baking tray into the oven and let the water evaporate slowly at about 100 degrees lower heat. During the process, open the oven door so that the steam can not escape not.
The water vapor will then resolve the very dirty, so that, following a tab should be sufficient to sweep them out of the furnace.

Detergent and vinegar - a powerful pair

Fill a half-full bottle of detergent with ordinary household vinegar. Both components are mixed together and sprayed into a cold oven. After all rub with a damp sponge until a foam is formed.

Wait ... ...
The foam will begin its work in peace and solve environmentally friendly and, above all, labor-saving way the dirt. Normally, a sufficient contact time of 30 minutes. You can then wipe with a cloth and water to the oven.
If the dirt but be stronger and more persistent, you can of course also influence the mixture overnight. The vinegar will clean thoroughly and can definitely shine in new splendor in the oven connection.

How long should you boil an egg?

Many like to eat a boiled egg for breakfast or in a salad. Here is a brief description of the egg as possible.
So cooking you eggs
Use for cooking eggs as possible with room temperature. For eggs you get fresh from the fridge, you will have to include more cooking time. 

Bring a pot of water to boil . The water must be so high that the egg is completely covered.

Prick of the egg on the flatter side with an egg pick. Who does not pick eggs can also use a needle, but it must be very careful.

Cooking time for egg

Soft-boiled egg -3-4 minutes
Soft wax about- 5-6 minutes
Hard- > 7 minutes

The optimum cooking time also depends on the size of the eggs from. The smaller the egg, the shorter you should start cooking times. Of course, the initial temperature of the eggs still plays a role. If the egg comes out of the refrigerator, it takes a little longer

Place the egg in the pot

The water is boiling, carefully place the egg into the pot. Through the hole in the shell can now escape the air contained in the egg and the egg will not start.
The egg cook a soft boiled egg for three minutes. For a growing soft egg cooking time should be five minutes and a hard-boiled egg should cook about 7 minutes.
After cooking the egg with a spoon to fish out of the water and rinse under the faucet with cold water. Keep it as long as the egg under the water until the bowl feels cool.
Now you can serve the egg. The quenching of the egg is the way, not cold as the inside is still enough heat to warm the whole egg again. When a quenched the egg shell but does much better from the protein (see comments below). And if you have no appetite for boiled egg, why not try a scrambled egg for breakfast.

Simple Makeup Tips for Women

It can be difficult to apply makeup for some people, particularly those who do not know how to use or find the perfect product for them. There are also important things to remember to put on makeup, so you can hide blemishes and look their best. It is essential to know the right amount of makeup to use and the best colors that complement your skin tone and facial features.

By being aware of simple makeup tricks, you can enhance your beauty and feel confident about what you see at all times.

Know the product to be applied

The first thing you need to do is your eye shadow. If you decide to apply eye shadow after your foundation, then only experienced big problems. For example, patches of eye shadow on your face can spread. These stains can be difficult to remove, and can accidentally remove part of the foundation that applies. If you have already applied foundation first, you can use a piece of scotch tape and press this in the area where there are stains or excess eyeshadow. When you put on eye shadow first, you can easily clean it with a makeup remover when they fall a few spots on the face.

You should also use a primer before applying makeup . The book serves as a "glue" effectively keeps your makeup for hours. This also makes the surface of the skin smoother and reducing the glare caused by oil. However, make sure you apply a moisturizer at least 10-15 minutes before massaging the skin with a primer.

By applying a primer, take a small amount the size of a small coin. Then rub gently with the ring finger and middle finger of both hands to make the hottest product on the skin. Massage primer all over the face for a minute and wait 5 minutes before applying your foundation.

How to Apply Foundation

One of the makeup tricks most important is choosing the best type and shade of foundation for your skin tone. According to experts in makeup, liquid foundation with silicone is the perfect product you should buy. Make sure you avoid matte or luminous foundations because it can make the skin look too artificial or too wet. Trying to choose a product that is labeled as pure or light. However, some light foundation can not hide their flaws.

When applying foundation, make sure it matches your skin tone. Avoid buying a foundation that does not look natural because it can not look your best after applying makeup. You can find excellent shade to buy analyzing your foundation on your jaw. This can help you know more about the right color to match your skin tone. Make sure you apply foundation with a sponge or brush instead of using your fingers.

They must also understand that applying foundation makeup should be done in moderation. The ideal amount is plugging in six points of skin foundation - two on the front, one at the tip and sides of the nose and one on the chin. Use two fingers on the dissemination of foundation on the forehead down the nose, across the cheeks and chin. Do not forget to apply foundation on the sides of the face. You should also mix down or sideways to keep the skin soft.

When hide flaws or imperfections on the skin, use a fine-tipped brush to apply a concealer on blemishes or imperfections. You can find products on the market that comes with two shades that are easy to bend. 
If red spots on your space, use a foundation based on soft yellow skin discolorations. Gently rub the foundation with your fingers and use a damp makeup sponge to blend the edges. So hide your undereye circles or dark spots under your eyes with a creamy formula. Touch this skin product on the skin using your ring finger.

Finally, apply loose powder on the face after putting in their liquid base. This is one of the most important makeup tips you should know to keep your face is bright. Note that loose powder can keep the great appearance of your makeup even after several hours.

7 Ways To Lose Belly Fat Quickly And Without Effort

The belly fat is very annoying and unsightly, especially for women . Unfortunately, eliminating belly fat takes time and effort , and not get a thin waist at night. The first thing to do before going to diet and exercise is to determine your body type

Basically, there are three different body types: ectomorphs are, they have a very fast metabolism and low body fat , the mesomorphic who are athletic and can lose weight quickly and with minimal effort and endomorphs they have a very slow metabolism. Endomorphs have to fight to get rid of belly fat because your metabolism.

It is essential to understand the above body types because different people respond differently to certain types of exercises. Knowing your body type can help determine the most suitable system of exercises that will help you achieve a flat and toned stomach.

1. Never Stop Having Breakfast

This is a very common problem that is counterproductive. Many people tend to believe that losing weight by skipping breakfast, when the reality is exactly the opposite - if not start your metabolism in the morning, you will feel hungry throughout the day and tend to eat more at the end the day when you are supposed to eat only a little. Include foods high in fiber and protein in your diet, as they stimulate the body to burn more calories when processing. At the same time, try to create a breakfast program and stick to it.

2. Focus On The Aerobic Exercise

There are two types of aerobic exercises that focus especially belly fat : walking and running. The more steps you take, more abdominal fat will be able to burn. You do not have to walk for miles, all you need is to use the bike instead of your car and walk for at least 30-45 minutes every day.

3. Consume Less Sugary Alcohol & Products

Alcohol is high in calories, despite the fact that it is liquid - also provides important nutrients nothing at all and it only damages your liver and contributes to weight gain simultaneously. This is why you should limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks per week, and to reduce the consumption of sugary products and cooked products as much as possible.

4. Create An Exercise Plan Adapted

Now that you know the different types of body, it is essential to find out what kind it is and to create an exercise plan as you will continue doing. Without exercise vigorous body you will not be able to get rid of belly fat , not to mention that regular exercise will also slow the formation of fat in the long run. Any type of exercise is welcome when it comes to reducing belly fat, walking and gardening to play football or go to Zumba. You do not have to spend hours in the gym, just do a little physical effort. Stationary bikes and elliptical machines are also a good choice!

5. Enough Sleep

Unfortunately, most of us neglect our sleep and sleep adults need about seven to eight hours a night . If you do not get enough sleep, our body will not be able to regenerate itself, the liver can not filter toxins and hormonal balance is affected too - the less sleep, worse. In addition, we will also feel hungry and tired all day, which means that we are likely to comfort eat, which is one of the most dangerous eating habits for your waistline.

6. Avoid Sugar

Sugar can cause havoc on your body if you do not do something about it - that affects the brain, stimulates weight gain increases the risk of diabetes and may also increase the risk of certain cancers. Replace sugar with artificial sweetener and always calculate your daily sugar consumption based on the products they consume. Sugar is the main factor that contributes to belly fat , and eliminating from your diet that are a step closer achieve their weight loss goals.

7. Eat More Vitamin C!

Last but not least, few people know that vitamin C can be referred as vitamin fat burning. Balances cortisol levels, allowing you to manage stress much easier, and also supports the entire process of weight loss by stimulating your body to burn more fat to get the energy you need daily.

Homemade Beauty Secrets

You want to have smooth glowing skin? Luckily, there is no need to spend much money to buy expensive beauty products on the market for skin and hair. What you need are natural ingredients that can be found at home, so you can keep your skin healthy and fair . By simply dialing your regular pantry ingredients like honey, lemon and oatmeal, you can already enjoy a soothing and relaxing spa treatment at home. These homemade beauty secrets are all you need to maintain flexibility and health of the skin.

Homemade Beauty Secrets

Tips for Hair and Healthy Scalp

The quality of your hair has a huge effect on your overall appearance. If your hair is smooth and shiny, also feel good about yourself. You must understand that daily use of shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products can cause some problems with your scalp and hair, as these residues can accumulate in the scalp. Although you may have thought were flush your hair product, there may still be traces left on the hair. When this happens, the product can cause your hair to become dry.

One of the best secrets of beautiful home is half a cup of vinegar mixed with water. Then apply the mixture to your hair and rinse after five minutes. You can also mix a small amount of baking soda in the bottle of shampoo to clean the hair. This works better than single shampooing.

Another home remedy is excellent hair care by applying egg whites to the head to keep it shiny. For dry hair, simply add the egg yolk and massage your scalp and ends of your hair. If your hair is oily, simply remove the egg yolk before massage on the scalp.

Great Way to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Are your hands dry? So the best way is to replace them by preparing a homemade moisturizer. You can pour two cups whole milk and place in a microwave-safe container before heating in the microwave. The mixture should not be too hot, you can soak your hands for about 15 minutes. This mixture of their hands is a cheaper and more effective to keep your skin soft and young looking .

For irritated hands, can prepare a homemade product to alleviate this condition. Make two drops of calendula and chamomile extract and mix with two tablespoons of olive oil. Then apply the mixture on your hands while massaging them slowly. Continue applying the mixture for about 20 minutes and leave it on for hours. You can use soft cotton hands after applying this moisturizer homemade skin, making your skin better absorb the herbal extracts.

Another great way to keep hands soft is by using rose water. Approximately 2-3 drops of rose oil mixed with warm water and use this mixture to wash your hands. By using rose water for rinsing your hands, you will notice positive effects on the skin.

Feet can be hard and dry due to dryness or inadequate maintenance. The best way to keep your feet soft is preparing a mixture to use to soak your feet. You can apply a few drops of detergent in hot water and pour a small amount of white vinegar. Then soak your feet for about 30 minutes and dry gently with a soft towel. When your feet are dry, you can apply moisturizing cream or lotion to make your skin more soft skin suave.Mantener using facial mask miel.Aplique this apple and honey apple mixture on your face for about 10 minutes before rinsing well .

An alternative to honey facial mask is by using apple avocado with honey. Mash the avocado before mixing with honey and gently mix to create a smooth mixture. Massage this natural skin treatment on the face and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Finally, you can exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. A great exfoliating mask includes three fourths cup of brown sugar and two tablespoons of milk. Mix these ingredients, apply on face and leave at least 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

With these simple steps and ingredients home, can take care of your skin and hair anytime you want, even without having to go to the spa. Try these homemade beauty secrets now following these simple instructions.

The Power of Papaya

Such delicious and amazing fruit, Papaya can decrease your chance of getting cataracts, help you lose weight, and build up your immune system,for starters. It's a delicious in a salad, with yogurt, in a smoothie  or all by its self. If you are not sure, use my rule of thumb, buy two , give them a solid tray in a couple ways, then see hoe much you like it!

The Power of Papaya


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